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Tracy Aviary

Address 589 East 1300 South Salt Lake City
How to Find it: Tracy Aviary is located in the southwest corner of Liberty Park. Enter the park from 900 South and 600 East, follow the one-way street past the tennis courts and swimming pool to the Tracy Aviary parking lot. The front gate to the Aviary is in the southeast corner of the lot. Parking is free and the park is handicapped accessible
Open: Open year round except for Christmas Day. Summer hours (Apr-Oct) 9 AM – 6 PM. Winter hours (Nov-Mar) 9 AM – 4:30 PM
Prices: $3 for Adults, $2 for Children ages 4-12 and Seniors, $2.50 for Students. Group rates available with reservations. Aviary Annual Gate Passes: $30 for Family, $25 for Duo, $15 for Single
Area: 7.5 Acres
No of Species No of Animals Star Rating
Mammals 20 57 Conservation
Birds 10 20 Enclosures
Reptiles 2 2 Education
Amphibians Recreation
Fish 1 4 Research
Total 33 83
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This critique last updated:  Feb 2008

Official Description


Established in 1938, Tracy Aviary is the nation's oldest public aviary. Located on 7.5 wooded acres within a city park, Tracy Aviary houses approximately 400 birds of 135 species and cultivates over 100 varieties of plants. The Aviary's goal is too instill an appreciation for birds and nature through education, research and conservation.
Tracy Aviary features birds from almost every corner of the globe. The “Birds of a Feather” free-flight Bird Show offered throughout the summer months takes visitors on an educational and thrilling journey around the world as they explore the fascinating lives of birds. Also available during the summer months is the popular Lory Walk Exhibit. In this interactive exhibit visitors can hand-feed colorful Australian parrots. These birds are a real delight as they land on people's hands, shoulders and sometimes even heads!
Throughout the year Tracy Aviary offers a variety of classes for all ages. Our school outreach programs take birds into the classrooms to educate and fascinate the children of the Salt Lake community. Our on-grounds classes give students detailed experience with topics such as eggs, feathers, birdwatching and behavior. Another educational experience offered to the community by the Aviary is the Tracy Aviary Distinguished Lecture Series. In this free lecture series, exciting and renowned professionals in the ornithological community speak on research topics in avian biology and conservation.
Tracy Aviary Admission Information:

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Species List

Emu, American white pelican, White stork, Scarlet ibis, White-faced ibis, Chilean flamingo, Andean condor, King vulture, Turkey vulture, Black vulture, White-faced whistling duck, Black-necked swan, Black swan, Trumpeter swan, White-fronted goose, Bar-headed goose, Emperor goose,
Barnacle goose, Ross' Goose, Western Canada goose, Cackling Canada goose, African comb duck, Cape shelduck, Egyptian goose, Ruddy-headed goose, Nene, Red-breasted goose, Redhead, Red-crested pochard, Ruddy duck, Cinnamon teal, Marbled teal, Common goldeneye, Ringed teal, Laysan teal, Green-winged teal, Chiloe wigeon, Northern pintail, Wood duck, Hooded merganser, Gadwall, American wigeon, Lesser scaup, Mandarin duck, Bald eagle, Golden eagle, Swainson's hawk, Rough-legged hawk, Red-tailed hawk, Harris' hawk, Northern goshawk, Peregrine falcon, American kestrel, Helmeted curassow, Temminck's tragopan, Impeyan pheasant, Malay great argus pheasant, Cheer pheasant, Edward's pheasant, Elliot's pheasant, Swinhoe's pheasant, Lady Amhearst pheasant, Golden pheasant, Brown-eared pheasant, Palawan peacock pheasant, Indian blue-peafowl, Helmeted guineafowl, Wild turkey, Buff-crested Polish chicken, Silver Polish chicken, Salmon faverolle chicken, Red frizzle chicken, Demoiselle crane, Greater sandhill crane, Red-crowned crane, East African crowned crane, Little black bustard, Blacksmith plover, Southern lapwing, Galapagos dove, Asian turtle dove, Mauritius pink pigeon, Mourning dove, Jamaican mountain witch dove, Bronze-wing dove, Lace-necked dove, Ring-necked dove, Wood pigeon, Domestic pigeon, Blue-streaked lory, Red lory, Dusky lory, Rainbow lory, Galah, Sulphur-crested cockatoo, Umbrella cockatoo, Patagonian conure, Cuban amazon, Yellow-naped amazon, Derbyan parakeet, Blue-fronted amazon, Thick-billed parrot, Festive amazon, African grey parrot, Hawk-headed parrot, Vasa parrot, Green-winged macaw, Red-crested touraco, Guinea touraco, Barn owl, Great-horned owl, Short-eared owl, Snowy owl, Western screech owl, Barred Owl, Tawny frogmouth, Southern ground hornbill, Northern ground hornbill, Great hornbill, Silvery-cheeked hornbill, Blue-crowned motmot, Laughing kookaburra, Red-billed toucan, Brazilian cardinal, White-crested laughing thrush, White-throated laughing thrush, Black-throated magpie jay, Plush-crested jay, Blue jay, Scrub jay, Green magpie, American crow, Bali mynah, Cedar waxwing.

Note: This is our Species list as of January 2001


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