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Santa Ana Zoo

Address Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park 1801 E. Chestnut Ave., Santa Ana
How to Find it:
Open: Hours: Gates Open – 10 a.m. Gates Close – 4 p.m. Grounds Close – 5 p.m.
Prices: Adults (13+) – $6 Children (3-12) = $3 Seniors (60+) – $
Area: 20 Acres
No of Species No of Animals Star Rating
Mammals 38 Conservation
Birds 24 Enclosures
Reptiles 16 Education
Amphibians Recreation
Fish Research
Total 78 0
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This critique last updated:  Mar 2008

Official Description

Mission Statement

To instill a passion for the natural world through education, recreation and conservation

Attendance More than 270,000 visitors annually

The City of Santa Ana provides a million dollar operating budget.  Grants and Friends of Santa Ana Zoo provide funds for capital improvements and program development.

Acreage 20.5 acres, of which 7.5 are developed with exhibits

78 species, 215 individuals, 35 exhibits
Primates…………………………………………………………18 species
Other Mammals………………………………………………20 species
Birds……………………………………………………………..24 species
Reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates……………………..16 species

Endangered Species 7 species including margay, ring-tailed lemur, black & white ruffed lemur, black lemur white-handed gibbon, golden lion tamarin, cotton-top tamarin
Children’s Zoo Barnyard contact area, birds of prey and exhibits of local animals
Education Programs

Zoo  tours, zoo labs, scout programs, Roar and Snore sleep-over, Family  Adventures; Zoomobile outreach program taking live animals to schools summer Zoo Camp for children ages 7-11

Friends of Santa Ana Zoo Non-profit corporation governed by the board of directors and executive
director, Cathi Decker. Supports general operations, capital improvements
and new program development. Membership to FOSAZ includes free
admission to the zoo with reciprocal admission to more than 100 zoos and
aquariums, a subscription to the newsletter, “Animal Tales”, a 10% discount at
the zoo gift shop and invitations to special members-only events.
History of the Zoo The zoo opened in 1952 on land donated to the City by local businessman and
citrus grower Joseph E. Prentice He stipulated the City maintain a park named
after him, and display at least fifty monkeys. Major renovations to the grounds
and exhibits in the late 1970’s lead to accreditation by the American
Association of Zoos and Aquariums in 1985. In 1990 the current master plan
was adopted that focuses on the diversity of wildlife of South America. The
first phase, Amazon’s Edge, opened in September of 1993, and was followed
by the Rain Forest Conservation Exhibit in May of 1994. The zoo’s first
walk-through aviary, Colors of the Amazon, recreating a South American
rain forest opened in August of 1996. The zoo has now opened the Crean Family Farm, our new Children’s Zoo, featuring a farmyard and train ride. These new exhibits along with the zoo’s ongoing program of exhibit renovation advance the zoo’s mission of instilling a passion for the natural world through environmental education and conservation.

Visitor Reviews

Review bi DDIger May 2005

This zoo is required to have at least 50 monkeys at all times.  So, it is great for monkey lovers.  The highest admission price is $6 and for many people it is free.  It is small enough for small kids to cover the whole place without getting cranky and a nice place for a first date.  I have been going since I was a kid and will eventually take my grandkids there, because it will never be too big, too crowded, or too expensive.

This Review posted by CoffeeQUN1, July 2000

The Santa Ana Zoo has been a favorite of mine for many years.   It is a small zoo that is perfect for small families or short trips.  Many times I have come to find baby monkeys ( the zoo's specialty is monkeys) born just days before.   There is a petting zoo,  elephant rides, gift shop,  playground, and a lovely aviary.  The rainforest exhibit is lovely but seems to be empty as often as it is occupied.  This would be a great day trip if you have preschoolers.  My own teenagers occasionally visit for nostalgia sake,  reliving their many happy memories there

Species List

Animals at the Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park

black & white ruffed lemur ES
ring-tailed lemur ES
black lemur ES
greater bushbaby
white-headed saki
black howler monkey
black-handed spider monkey
brown-headed spider monkey
squirrel monkey
brown capuchin
crested capuchin
golden lion tamarin ES
cotton-top tamarin ES
emperor tamarin
pygmy marmoset
black-and-white colobus monkey
silver langur
white-handed gibbon ES

swamp wallaby
Hoffmann’s sloth
nine-banded armadillo
African crested porcupine
margay cat ES
rock hyrax
domestic rabbit
domestic pig
feral pig
domestic sheep
domestic goats
domestic cows
domestic horse

common slider turtle
green iguana
boa constrictor

scarlet ibis
striated heron
black-necked swan
Swainson’s hawk
bald eagle
domestic turkey
domestic chicken
Indian blue peafowl
helmeted guineafowl
blue & yellow macaw
white-bellied caique
great horned owl
barn owl
trumpeter hornbill
emerald toucanet
channel-billed toucan
white-faced whistling duck
yellow-head Amazon parrot

American bullfrog

mosquito fish

ES = endangered species
emerald tree boa


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