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Prague Zoo

Address U Trojskeho zamku 120/3, 171 000 Praha 7
Telephone 02-688-1118
How to Find it:
No of Species No of Animals Star Rating
Mammals 110 560 Conservation
Birds 163 680 Enclosures
Reptiles 52 165 Education
Amphibians 8 35 Recreation
Fish 6 18 Research
Total 339 1458
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This critique last updated:  Aug 2008

Official Description

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Visitor Reviews

Review by Debbie McQueen August 2008

We went to Prague Zoo this week on our visit to Prague, was extremely impressed, only expected to be enough there for around 2 hours of enjoyment, but we spent at least 6 hours there, it was fantastic, the enclosure for the giraffes was great, (elephants could have been a little larger) I would really recommend this Zoo and it would be my 2nd favourite in all Zoos I have ever visited – Orlando Animal Kingdom being my 1st fav.  You must go!!!

Review submitted by Andrea Page July 2006

We have just returned from a visit to Prague and spent a wonderful day at the zoo.  We were really impressed with the whole experience and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I was especially impressed with the breeding programme. The animals all seemed happy and well cared for.  I loved the fact that  animals were kept in huge enclosures and not caged up like most zoos.  We recently visited the much acclaimed Singapore night zoo and have to say it was a pathetic experince compare to our visit to Prague .  I would defiantely recommend people to take a few hours to visit.  We can't wait to go back with our grand daughters

GoodZoos.com Reviews

There is so much to see in Prague, that the causal visitor soon gets caught up in a heap of guide books and maps, and with so much of the old city accessible by foot, the tendency towards blisters and weary legs is virtually inevitable. But don't let this put you off adding one day to your itinerary to visit the zoo. Yes it will mean more walking – and yes this will be quite demanding (Prague is large for a city zoo and there are hills to climb). But the experience of Prague Zoo, all but forgotten by most of the city guides, and shunned by almost all the tourists, is nonetheless one that will stay with you for a long time.

We got there by foot and by a process of direction and misdirection, but you would be better advised to seek out a taxi – or a bus. The zoo is two or three kilometers from the city centre, up in a river gorge where the escarpment climbs steeply away from the river, and the zoo occupies the lush river valley, the rocky cliff faces, and the rolling meadows at the summit making this a stunning vista for a city zoo.  The cable car to help visitors up the slope was not operational when we visited.

The walk around the zoo is complex, and the map is less helpful that it might be, but there is a lot to see here. It's a traditional collection, of course, so you'll expect the penguins and sealions, the lions, tigers, and elephants, and you won't be disappointed. But you might not expect Markhor, and Ibex – superbly held in mountain enclosures that could scarcely be better designed for them. The grazers at the top of the hill are magnificent.  And the views are spectacular.

We didn't take notes, and I'm writing from memory, so for that reason I hesitate to single out any one species, or any one exhibit for either particular praise or censure. There were enclosures that looked very time-expired, but nothing that was squalid or depressing; and the entrance fee was so low, and the crowds so small, that you leave wondering how ever such a zoo can survive in the new go-geting capitalist world that is modern Prague.  And yet there are splendid signs that the zoo is developing, with new enclosures everywhere and a clear spirit of enthusiasm for the animals and for the collection.

So do yourself a favour, and do the zoo a favour. Visit Prague Zoo. You won't be disappointed.


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