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Hi there,

Re: leucorchestris alexandrina

can you please help me to find the correct way to care for these spiders? I bought 2 about a month ago and they seem to be thriving on the same care as my 65 or so tarantulas, naturally I would like to think I was taking proper care of them but I can’t find care sheets anywhere, and none of the BTS can enlighten me.

Thanks in advance,

Mary Walters Email Mary Walters

Dear Damian Aspinall ,

I want to introduce myself, my name is Ton Veldkamp and i am the director of the Wild Cat Foundation in Holland. A rescue and breeding facility for wild cats. I have no comments , but i admre the work you do with breeding Gorilla’s and replace them to the wild in Congo. I want the same with wild cats and my question is : is it possible that we come to the United Kingdom to meet you and talk with you about whats the best thing how we here in Holland can do that. Perhaps its possible to see you animals overthere. My facility is a small one but lots of small ones can get the same goal…..releasing animals in the wild.
I hope to meet you and your wonderfull work soon.
Mr.Ton Veldkamp,
The Wild Cat Foundation.
in dutch : de Stichting Wild Cat

Donation of Tropical Birds – Can you direct me to a zoo in the Washington Dc area that would be willing to accept a donation of beautiful tropical birds. Email Lana Gray

I am a PhD student at the University if Bolton (England, EC).
My research is focussed on the utility of fossil and extant eggs as indicators of (palaeo)-biodiversity testing their metric and morphological variability and diversity.
Basically, the project will try to define their intra- and inter- specific metrical variation from three different species of extant land turtle, crocodile, gecko, and bird and a nest and eggshells from fossil Megaloolithic oogenera.
The assessment of their utility will be based on the level of statistical significance of the variability of morphometric characters within same eggs (poles and equator), nest, and all together.
The morphometric characters will be chosen from their eggs macro- micro-, and ultra-structures.
Please, I would appreciate if you could provide me with material from any modern eggs from reptiles, mammals, or birds.
Indeed, if your institution provides eggshell material will be mentioned in any publication where your material were used. Email : Xavier Panades I Blas

A Sanctuary for Papua New Guinea? Ms Dobi Kidu , PO Box 5223 Boroko, NCD, Papua New Guinea, Telephone: 6932413 FAX: 3277675, Email: [email protected]
Why was the status of cuscus in PNG rated R = Rare? I have a male and female which I am hoping to breed. Do you have any information which might help me in my bid to provide a sanctuary of sorts for our wildlife? I have picked up quite a bit about their habits etc but I would like to know more about their ‘make-up’ ie; digestive system, when is the female old enough to mate [she is about a year old, the male is two years]. I have other PNG animals which I look after. Is there a site where I can look up on wildlife care? Sickness, wounds due to hunters, what to do in these cases.

Langurs in Britain: I am a vet student at the RVC, London and was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to find a list of all the zoos that keep langurs in the UK
(and how many). If you can help please let me know. Natasha Prior [email protected]

Wedding at the Zoo? Yes this may sond a very bizarre request!! πŸ™‚ but I would love to get married at a zoo or simular. I have been in touch with London Zoo and they can provide this service but I have to have at least 40 guests. I would only have about 12. I am not too worried about the reception, just the ceremony to be carried out at such a place. I came across your site and wondered if you would know of anywhere like a zoo or simular that I could get married at. I just love animals and want something different for my wedding day. I live in the South of England. Many thanks for your time, Anne Gadd [email protected]

Looking for Skye Adams : Anja Wibbeke, Papenweg 46’ Maastricht, the Netherlands
Telephone: +31 43 3217771 Email: [email protected] Hi there! I’ve been searching the net for you because I am looking for an old friend. Her name is Skye Adams and I met her in the summer of 1998 when we were both working at the SRRC, the "Zeehondencreche" in Pieterburen in the Netherlands. She was working with seals in the Taronga Zoo back then. For one reason or another we lost contact. Hopefully she still works in Taronga Zoo and hopefully you will be kind enough to give her this message. Thank you in advance!

Looking for Claus Pohle: it’s writting Smirnova Natasha from Novosibirsk (Russia). Soon I’ll go to Berlin and would like to visit Tierpark-Friedrichsfelde. I was met with one person from Tierpark, but I have problem – I don’t know his address. Can you help me to find him? His name is Claus Pohle and he’s profession is biolodgist or zoolodgist. If you can find this person or his E-mail, please send to me it I have private E-mail: [email protected]

Golden Pheasant Eggs: I am looking for eggs of the above bird for hutching. Can you supply them or do you know who may supply them if you do not have tem. Please e-mail or ring me on (UK) 07956 882 119 Many thanks, [email protected]

Job Wanted: I am very happy to discover your web-site. I am a russian young man and presently looking for a Zoo in an English speaking country. I would like to combine the interesting work in a Zoo with further english studies (highschool level). I have worked in the Moskow Zoo for two and a half year, taking care of snakes: cobra, Boa, Mamba (especially with the full responsibility for one poison snake "Naja Oxiana"). I am sixteen years old, will finish school in May this year, and after that I am very interested in doing this project. My family will pay the flight ticket, for english course and living expenses I must work. I will be very glad if you can help me, if you have an idea who I might contact, which organisations to contact. And maybe you can foreward this mail to zoo’s of english location in your database. Later I can send you letters of recommadations from the Moskow Zoo and my school. : [email protected]

Looking for Arne Schiotz; I am looking for the emailaddress of: DR. Arne Schiotz Do you have the addres? Greetings, Hugo Belgian Herpetological Society Hugo Claessen Arthur Sterckstraat 18 B-2600 Berchem – Antwerp Belgium Tel/Fax: +32 03-239.11.03 Email: [email protected] Http://www.terravzw.org

Job Wanted at London Zoo: Hello The Editors of this site. I was looking on iformation on how to apply for a job at london zoo and i came across this site. I was Just Wondering how you would apply for a job there and who to contact etc… Yours Thankfully Ross Smith [email protected]

Job Wanted: Dear sir/madam, i am a third year zoology undergraduate and i am seeking a research post for the summer to do my project on and wondered if you knew any zoos, which offered this, yours gratefully Eleanor thomson Eleanor Thomson BSc. Aquatic Bioscience email [email protected]

US Job Wanted: Does your website offer any type of messageboards advertising job openings at zoos in the U.S.? Leanne R. Cole Multi-Cultural Recruiter Haverford College (610) 896-2959 [email protected]

Job Wanted: Dear sir/madam, I am a 26 year old woman living in Cyprus where i am heavily involved in my work with animals. I own two pet shops which are used for my fundamental education work – i.e we do not sell puppies, kittens wild caught birds or animals…. I also have set up a charity for animals in Cyprus through whiich we do valuable work. Lastly i am also setting up a pet magazine in Greek for the people of Cyprus which is due for publication very soon. My own knowledge and experience stems from my growing up with animals on a farm in Cyprus and later on studying veterinary nursing inthe UK although sadly due to health problems at the time i did not finish my studies. However i have worked for many vets and animals welfare charities in the UK before moving to Cyprus three years ago. The reason for writing to you is that i am now considering moving back to the UK with my fiance. We will sell our pet shops here and leave as soon as we can get organised. I would like to find a job in England with animals so that i can continue my valuable work. I want to also continue helping the charity in Cyprus as much as possible even though i will be in England. I am very aware of the good zoos in England and generally and would be interested in working at one of these too. I am not sure who to contact or if you can help me but any advice and help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. You can cantact me at the following details. Michelle Foulia Kantaras 8 Pyla Larnaca Cyprus tel 00 357 9 607 243 fax 00 357 2 666782 e-mail [email protected] I do hope to hear from you soon

Zoos in Turkey: Dear Editor, I recently visited Istanbul and went to a Zoo in the Sultanamet area of the city. Tigers, Lions and Bears were kept in cages far too small and looked so unhappy they just paced up and down the enclosure. There was also inadequate cages for the moneys and apes (1 monkey just crouched in the corner of the cage) There is also an aquarium in which I observed a tank with turtles in – I am no expert but there was not enough dry area for them to rest on, they seemed constantly imersed trying to keep their heads out of the water. Can anything at all be done about these conditions. Turkey is such a beautiful country and their people friendly and hospitable it seems such a shame that the zoo cannot be updated and some sort of educational programme put into place, I do believe that ignorance is the cause of this suffering. Regards Denise Tully ———————- [email protected]

Blank Zoo Pass: I have been told that there is a family pass — "Blank Zoo Pass" — that is accepted at several US zoos. I want to purchase this for my grandson — and family — for a Valentine. I have searched through several different search engines but have not found any information about this. Does anyone know if there is a website offering this pass — or any type of "multi-zoo" pass? Or does this option even exist? Thank you. [email protected]

Making a Film: I hope you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue – I’ve been looking at your website, which i found very interesting, and was hoping that you might be able to help me with a few queries… I’m writing from a London-based documentary company, Cicada Films. We are currently working on a series for Animal Planet Discovery. This is a series that we have been hoping to make for several years, but have only now just received the funding. The series will be presented by a zoologist who travels to the corners of Europe that still have wonderful animals, and where she can be taken to by someone either studying them, or someone who has an indepth knowledge of them. We are visiting each place for just three days, and while we are aware that we will not be able to capture a great deal of wildlife during such a short time, we are equally interested in filming the scientists and conservationists at work, providing an overview of the area at the same time, with glimpses of the wildlife in between. Our first shoot is planned in March – so we’re fairly up against time. The reason that I’m writing is that one idea we had to find contact was to contact European zoos in the hope that they could recommend local scientific/conservation projects that could feature in the series with the aim of increasing awareness for certain worthwhile projects… I’m therefore wondering whether you might be able to recommend some reputable zoos in Europe – perhaps the larger ones that may be aware of local projects, or perhaps you yourself are aware of some projects that you think would be an interesting feature?? Thank you so much for your time – In would be very grateful for any help or advice that you could offer me. I hope to hear from you in the near future. With best wishes, Natalie Burke Cicada Films, London Direct Dial Tel: +44 207 266 6952 Cicada Tel: +44 207 266 4646 Fax: +44 207 289 2599 Mobile: 0976 707 373 Natalie Burke [email protected]

Help Zimba! Zimba is a two year old handicapped lion cub at the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo here in Kerala, southernmost India. We, the members of ‘PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS’, Thiruvananthapuram chapter,seeing zimba locked up almost permanently in a small, congested, dark, stone paved cage constantly kept in touch with the concerned zoo authorities. Our aim was to convince them that Zimba needs a larger space to live his life. He has a born right to have a feel of the sand, breeze and open space. Meanwhile, one of our members became quite friendly to Zimba so much that he responds to her call and lets her touch him through the iron bars. Zimba is a real beauty to watch! Now,. due to the sincere efforts taken by the Thiruvananthapuram zoo director Mr.Yalakki, Zimba is provided a larger space to move around which would indeed give more strength to his weak legs. We at People For Animals consider this as the beginning. People here in Kerala must become more aware of special animals like Zimba. We are quite sure that there are more examples like Zimba’s in other zoos around the world. We will be grateful if we are let known about such cases handled in any of the other zoos around the world. And how they reach out to the people to make them aware of these precious animals by letting them come close to the animals and how it is systematically handled. We will let you know more about Thiruvananthapuram Zoo soon. We will wait for your reply at [email protected] Thanking you sincerely, PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM CHAPTER

Lookig for Herbert Lucker; I am triyng to establish contact with Dr. Hubert Lucker (Director) of Zoo Dresden as at 1997. We had a working relationship with him on a conservation programme involving an endangered antelope specie called Hirola (damaliscus hunteri). By then I was working for The East African Wildlife Society. My Names are: Agnew Mbwavi (Mr.) Please give him this information and request him to write me an email. I will be very grateful if he communicated soon. Yours Sincerely, Agnew Mbwavi Director-Enviroconsult Africa P.O BOX 62461 Nairobi, Kenya. Email:[email protected] OR [email protected]

Job Wanted: Hi. My name is Victor Ikini. I am currently at University of Liverpool, in my second year reading a Zoology degree. I was wondering if you could help me. You see i need more work experience, i have worked in small veterinary practices, but i want some experience with larger, more exotic animals. I would like if i could do it over the summer. I will be free from June till September ending. Please is is it possible to get in contact with any of the zoos or safari parks for me and I will send them a CV. I would be extremely grateful. Yours hopefully, Victor Ikini. [email protected] [email protected]

Zoo Stufff Wanted: Please send information on your zoo (wherever you are) to Hannah Jones, C/O ID Jones, Engineering Operations, RAF Akrotiri, BFPO 57, Cyprus.  Hannah is doing a project to compare Limassol Zoo in Cyprus to other zoos.

Job with the National ZooI’m trying to find online postions for Conservation and Research within the National Zoo. Can you help me out with this? Thankyou, Debbie N [email protected]

Home wanted for Quaker Parrot I have a quaker parrot that was found wounded outside about 9 months ago. I would like to donate it to a zoo where it can be with other simalar birds. If you can take it or direct me to someplace that could please contact me at [email protected] thank you Katheryn Brown

Jobs in Zoos?
Does your website offer any type of messageboards advertising job openings at zoos in the U.S.? Leanne R. Cole, Multi-Cultural Recruiter, Haverford College (610) 896-2959 [email protected]

UK Zoo Job Wanted:
i am a third year zoology undergraduate and i am seeking a research post for the summer to do my project on and wondered if  you knew any zoos, which offered this, yours gratefully, Eleanor Thomson Sc. Aquatic Bioscience email [email protected]

London Zoo Job Wanted I was looking on iformation on how to apply for a job at london zoo and i came across this site. I was Just Wondering how you would apply for a job there and who to contact etc…Yours Thankfully Mr R Smith [email protected]


Getting Married at the Zoo?
[email protected] This may sound bizarre, I’m looking for a zoo in the southern UK that we hold weddings ceremonies. Do you know of any

Gorillas: 1)what is the largest and heaviest gorilla you have ever had at your zoo? 2)what is his name and how much did or does he weigh? [email protected]

Looking for Work: I am a Russian young man and presently looking for a Zoo in an English speaking country. I would like to combine the interesting work in a Zoo with further english studies (highschool level). I have worked in the Moskow Zoo for two and a half year, taking care of snakes: cobra, Boa, Mamba (especially with the full responsibility for one poison snake "Naja Oxiana").
I am sixteen years old, will finish school in May this year, and after that I am very interested in doing this project. My family will pay the flight ticket, for english course and living expenses I must work. I will be very glad if you can help me, if you have an idea who I might contact, which organisations to contact. And maybe you can foreward this mail to zoo’s of english location in your database.
Later I can send you letters of recommadations from the Moskow Zoo and my school. With friendly regards Nil [email protected]

Zoo Animals in Turkey: Question on which I’d appreciate your advice. Someone I am working with is very disturbed about the quality of care given to the animals in a zoo in Turkey. She is spending time trying to help that she needs for other things. She is an amateur. Is there an organization that she could put this zoo in touch with that would give guidance on improving the quality of their care? It is not that they don’t care about the animals, they just don’t seem to know much about what to do other than keep them in cages. Thanks for any advice you can give.
Light, Life, Love and Laughter, Diana Robinson, Ph.D. [email protected]

A Pictorial Record of Zoo Bred Hybrids:
Dear Collegues, I am currently trying to compile a pictoral record of zoo-bred hybrids and wondered whether anyone could furnish me with any material. I am mainly concerned with species hybrids (even genera hybrids in some cases) but am also interested in subspecific hybrids if they are between distinct sub-species (e.g. Syncerus c. caffer x S. c. nanus or Varecia v. variagata x V. v. rubra). Although I am concentrating on Mammals, I might also include birds depending on how much material I can collate. One particular Hybrid I have a few details about and am anxious to get a picture of, is a Sooty Mangabey (Cercocebus torquatus) x Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) hybrid in an american zoo in or around 1980. Does anyone know where this animal was or could anyone even supply me with a photo of it? I have tried contacting several zoos for help with this project but have got, on the whole, a very poor response. Of course, if I can get enough material together, any of you who would like a copy of the complete work, once it is finished, should contact me. If you think you can help me with my request you can either post a message on the notice board or contact me individually at: [email protected] Thanks in advance, Sam Whitbread.

Designs for a Koala Enclosure? I am a student at Plashet School in England currently  studying Graphic Products. My GCSE task is to design and make an enclosure for an animal of my choice, considering the comfort and the happiness of the animal. So i have decided to make an enclosure for a Koala. As you probably know it is very difficult to know what types of enclosures they live in and how they look. I made a visit to a couple of zoos but unfortunately there weren’t any Koalas. Due to the fact that Englands climate doesn’t reach to a Kolas standard, which is why i thought of your Zoo. So i will be very grateful if you could send me information at my email address on Koalas and how their enclosures are set out, also their likes and dislikes. My design proposal should take into account the following; (a) How the proposal will improve the quality of life and the comfort of the animal (b) Safety (c) Maintenance and upkeep through the year (d) Visual appeal and improvement to the immediate surrounding  (e) Structure and construction The size of my enclosure has to be 300mm by 250mm by 200mm 
Yours Sincerely, Raeesa Patel
My email address is: [email protected]     

What makes a good Tiger Enclosure?: I am 2nd year student at Newton Rigg collage in Cumbria. I am currently working on my dissertation. My chosen topic is, what aspect make up a good tiger enclosure. I am looking at how the cage design can contribute to the tigers behaviour and welfare, in a negative/positive way. I am also looking at the design from the keepers point of view, how safe is the enclosure, and how what designs to the enclosure make the kepers jobs more difficult or easier. The publics piont of view is also being taken into consideration, how well do the enclosure looks to them and is it educational. Do you have any information that would be of use to me? I have been searching for journals but have found few on the subject. Do you Know of any? Also if you know of any books that are of use please could you send me the details.  E-mail is;  [email protected]  or,  [email protected]

Please Befriend Kela Wild Club of Uganda: Greetings from Kela Wild Life Club. I’m chairman of kela wild life club based in Uganda. In my club I have around 120 members who are interested in the nature of the animals and the nature of the Tress in world. We believe that with out these two, the world will be meaningless, we take part here in Uganda to protect the animals, trees and plants that no man can put them away. So in that case I would like to learn more about your club or park that is to say the animals and trees that we don’t have here in Uganda that are found I your park, so that I can educate my members and that we can learn from you .In this case I wanted to know more about you and I would like to come there and make a research on animals and the rest. And it is possible to become a member of your club also. I hope to hear from you soon. Please reply by e-mail, which is <[email protected]   Best regards, Chairman:

Looking for a Photo of Frankfurt’s Bonobo:
Hello ,this is the first time i visit yor page ,i would like to make me a favor.  i live in Tenerife and the father of my wife is in holydais here ,before he live in Congo , and he bye in 1951 a bonobo and is inscript in hes genealogic tree MAGRIET NΒΊ 0031 F BORN in november or dicember 1950 and he cost 150 belgium francs and .In this moment the bonobo is in the frankfurt zoo we would like if is posible send us a actual photo from this bonobo and give a happy birthday for her 50 yearsalso with the compliments of Ludo from PLANKENDAEL and mi adress in Belgium is Van Wynsberghe Andre ,Eikelenberg 55 Diest ( 3294) (B) . Thanks very much for your help. PD If you can send me the photo to this e-mail .: Angel Baez [email protected]

Penguin Parades: Hi!  I found out through [email protected] that you guys have a penguin parade with the king penguins.  We are currently training our kings and I was wondering if anybody there also trains penguins.  I am looking to improve our training program.  We are currently training ours to come to a bridge, step up on a scale, nail trims and for blood draws. 
If you could please forward this to someone that does do training and would like to give me some more ideas for trained behaviors and techniques, I would greatly appreciate it!
Sincerely,Tammy Root, Indianapolis Zoo- Senior Aquarist, Waters
317-630-2072 [email protected]

Picture Library Wanted:
I am currently looking for pictures for an Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals Dorling Kindersley are publishing. The book will include profiles of over 2000 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates and will also contain illustrated introductions to many of the individual orders and families covered. I saw you website and was wondering if your organisation had a picture library. If so please advise and I will send through a list of animals I am trying to find and confirm all relevant details.  [email protected]

Internships: Can you please let me know of any Zoo or wildlife center that is willing to give a chance to a freshman biology college student by giving me an
internship over the summer (May-August)?  I want to get my feet wet and see if zoology is the degree for me.  They have to be in the United States and
either in South Carolina or help with some type of housing.  I will sleep about anywhere πŸ™‚

Belfast: I really don`t know if i am contacting the right person but i hope you can help. I have just attained a BSc in Applied Plant and Animal Science and am carrying on into fourth year to complete an Honours degree. As part of the honours course a dissertation must be completed, at the present time i am looking for suggestions for possible projects. I do not believe that enough research is being done inside zoo`s so i am hoping to get involved in some sort of project for a zoo. I am from Northern Ireland so it would be ideal to speak to someone in Belfast Zoo. However I have tried aimlessly to contact the zoo to no avail. I was wondering if you could give me the contact number or mailing address to a member of staff in Belfast Zoo. This would be a great help. Thank you for your time and consideration

THE CASPIAN HORSE: A   FILM We need to contact anyone and everyone who might be able to assist in the marketing of a superb Iranian film about the Caspian Horse in order that it can be shown on television all around the world. We really  must make the most of such a wonderful unique opportunity and so I am asking that you please copy the following letter to anyone you can think of who might know someone who knows someone, who knows someone ……  !    If you can think of better wording, please feel free<br> “An Iranian Film Crew have recently completed a film dedicated to a rare and ancient   breed of small horse.  The recently re-discovered Caspian horse of ancient Persia, once thought extinct, is believed to hold an ancestral role in the history of the horse, pre-dating the Arabian breeds which, until recently, were thought to hold this position.  The story of the exquisite Caspian horse is told with a wonderful atmospheric quality and is also of geographical and historical interest. The film includes location filming at the ruins of the ancient Palace of King Darius the Great at Persepolis, Iran, and Caspian studs at Ghara Tepe Sheik and Kurdan, Iran.  Film locations also include The British Museum, London, Henden Caspian Stud, Wiltshire, UK, and Caspian studs in Texas, USA. Interviews include Louise Firouz, who re-discovered the ancient breed in 1965 and whose life with the Caspian horse in Iran has been tinged with the excitement of discovery and the horror of revolution and war, Lawrence Alderson (Rare Breeds Survival Trust), John Schneider Merck, who maintains a stud of foundation animals in Kurdan, Khasheyar Sadeghi (Iranian Veterinarian),  Gus Cothran of Kentucky University, Brenda Dalton (International Registrar), and HRH Prince Philip, whose advice to found a stud outside Iran in case of fatal disease, proved to be crucial to the survival of the breed, following the Iranian Revolution

EMU – A Home Wanted

I have a healthy male Emu that I can’t keep over the winter for lack of proper facilities. I would be willing to sell him to you if you would be interested please contact me at [email protected] P.S. I live Near Walsenburg

DOHA ZOO – An Appeal for Help
Please can you tell me if there is an international body that investigated zoos? I am concerned about Doha Zoo ie how they get their animals and if they sell them on privately, Two chimps where being smuggled into Doha airport at the beginning of September by a pet shop owner customs discovered them inside a container inside a carton of exotic birds. These chimps are now at the zoo and some of us are trying to get them off the zoo and sent to CHIMFUNSHI chimp orphanage in Zambia. Do you have any info about Doha ZOO? Or can you tell me who may have info about the working of the zoo. Do zoos have to apply to an international body when then buy animals. Many of the animal groups in the states know about the chimp smuggling also CITES knows but we need to find more info. Any thing may help.

Can You Help Encarta?

Hello.  I am an editorial researcher for Encarta Encyclopedia, a cd-rom reference product based in Seattle, Washington.  I have been given the following questions to research for the upcoming article on zoos, and hope you can either provide the answers or suggest sources you think might be able to. The questions are:
1) Which zoo has the largest animal collection, and how many animals does it have?
2) Which zoo is the largest in terms of acreage?
3) Is there an international organization which accredits zoos?  And how many accredited zoos are there?
Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

A New Aquarium for Utah

Just thought you would like to know: Utah is about to get a huge aquarium, set to open in 2002. However, last I heard, they had not yet chose a site to build… Anyway, it is called The Living Planet Aquarium, and it will have a HUGE oceanarium/salt water tank, a freshwater tank, and a tropical tank with a 10 story rainforest with birds, monkeys, chameleons, lizards, bugs, even Cats! T he website is www.thelivingplanet.com  They already have some of the animals, which they are taking out on 2 vand (the aqua van and the rainforest van) to elementry schools to tell the children about them. I participated in that, and it was lots of fun. Well, just FYI . -Kristie K., Salt lake City, Utah, USA

Opel Zoo
Does anyone have  the email add or the website of opel zoo.because we are a group of TV,and we want to make a documentry film about the persian fallow deer. Our email is:  [email protected]  Best Regards – Maryam Motlagh

Ring Tailed Lemurs?
I wonder if you can help me? My daughter will be 9 years old at the end of August,unlike most young girlswho love puppies and ponies she has a passion for Ring Tailed Lemurs. At school they were asked to draw a picture of what they want to do when they grow up Charlotte didn`t want to teach , dance ,act or sing she wanted to go to Madagascar as a vet to work with Lemurs. Do you know of any zoos who offer people the opportunity to handle or feed Lemurs, if so could you please forward me the information.

How do I find out how many zoos have skunks on display and in their educational program to teach the public how to coexist with their backyard wildlife neighbors?I have seen too often that there is no skunk used in these ways. It is very sad that the myths about the skunk are keeping the important information away from the public. Raccoons are used, but not skunks……go figure!
ALSO, zoos like Los Angeles Zoo kill about 250 raccoons and skunks a year that are lured by zoo animal food and not kept out of the zoo perimeter because of poor enclosure planning. If you know of any zoo conferences, I’d like to be informed and teach a class about skunks. Also, is there any zoo chats where this can be discussed? See our web site at www.stinkybusiness.org
Share Bond, PresidentS.K.U.N.K.S. (Society of Kind Understanding for Not Killing Skunks) Rescue, rehabilitation, release studies, statistical research, education, and protection of all skunks Author of book "Stinky Business: How To Rehabilitate Skunks" Producer of video "Rescue, Handling and Care of Wild Skunks"www.stinkybusiness.org


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