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The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Address Druid Hill Park, Baltimore
How to Find it: From I-83 North and South – Take Exit 7 (West) to Druid Park Lake Drive – follow signs to the Zoo. From I-95 South – Take I-695 West to I-83 South. Take Exit 7 (West) to Druid Park Lake Drive – follow signs to the Zoo. From I-95 North – Take I-395 North (Exit 53), continue onto Pratt Street, then turn left onto President Street. Continue straight on I-83 North. Take Exit 7 (West) to Druid Park Lake Drive – follow signs to the Zoo. From I-70 – Take I-695 North to I-83 South. Take Exit 7 (West) to Druid Park Lake Drive – follow signs to the Zoo. From Downtown Baltimore – Take Pratt Street to President Street and turn left. Continue straight on I-83 North. Take Exit 7 (West) to Druid Park Lake Drive – follow signs to the Zoo.
Open: 10am – 4:30pm
Prices: Adults: $15 Children:$?
Area: 80 acres
No of Species No of Animals Star Rating
Mammals Conservation
Birds Enclosures
Reptiles Education
Amphibians Recreation
Fish Research
Total 0 0
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This critique last updated:  Jul 2008

Official Description

The Maryland Zoo in BaltimoreZoo has a wonderful assortment of animals. Founded in 1876, it is the third oldest zoo in the United States. There are more than 2,000 animals on 161 acres (80 developed). The Children's Zoo was rated number one in the country. This spring, the zoo welcomes a newborn zebra and two noisy warthogs.

Visitor Reviews

Review by Megan Fraedrich July 2008

I agree wholeheartedly with the zookeeper who posted the review. I am a sixteen-year-old girl who has enthusiastically visited the Maryland Zoo at least once a year since I was nine years old– and I don't even live in Maryland! Despite the fact I live about twenty minutes away from the National Zoo and have also visited the San Diego and Berlin Zoos (all terrific zoos), the Maryland Zoo is my favourite.


Yes, it's small, and yes, it's not as fancy as a lot of the big zoos you visit. But all of the animals seem active and happy, the landscaping is beautiful, the exhibits all look comfortable (if not as big and flashy as some at other zoos), the keepers are friendly and knowledgeable, and the amenities for the guests are excellent. There are all kinds of fun snacks available, and carnival rides for children. The Children's Zoo is absolutely excellent, I have to say. Again, I'm sixteen, and I still have fun (furtively, when I'm sure no one's looking) climbing on the various bits of interactive equipment. The small size of the zoo is great because you don't need to feel rushed– you can leisurely meander around the zoo and look at everything in a few hours, without overlooking the smaller animals like you would at larger zoos.


The only animal I've seen demonstrating any kind of pacing or other stereotypic traits is the large male polar bear, who swims the same pattern over and over again. This can't be the fault of his excellent new habitat– Magnet the polar bear has had this tic for ages, apparently, and I remember it from when he inhabited his older exhibit, as well. The polar bear keeper gave me and my family a great insight on what it's like to take care of the bears, and she seemed really enthusiastic about her job and knew a lot about the zoo and animals in general. You can tell the keepers love the animals and the zoo.


The chimpanzee exhibit is terrific! Again, it's not fancy-schmantzy, but the chimps are so active and fascinating to watch. I've watched them for over half an hour– they're really just like people. Again, the chimpanzee keeper was great to listen to, sharing all kinds of stories about the animals and showing a genuine love for the animals she takes care of. Some keepers at bigger zoos seem rushed and frenzied, not eager to talk to guests. The zoo is never too over crowded.


Other great exhibits– the large watering hole (all kinds of species mixing together; VERY interesting to observe… it's just like a real African watering hole!) and the leopards– more than once, I've been so startled by their impressive acrobatics and jumps that I've dropped whatever I was holding (sadly, usually ice cream). The penguins are always good fun, as well. The entire African trail is very well put together and creatively landscaped. I'm glad that the zoo closed the antiquated Main Valley– though even the caged animals in their decrepit conditions seemed well-cared-for as possible– but I hope that they renovate it soon and replace some of the animals. Even so, it's great that they chose to focus in on their newer exhibits.


The admission price is expensive, but I think it's worth it! Traditionally, I go to the Maryland Zoo every birthday, and sometimes in the summer as well.


P.S. The giraffe house does stink, but please, go observe the giraffes in their outside yard. Who wants to look at giraffes standing in stalls like horses? Watch them when they're out and about!


In response to the review below a keeper at the Maryland Zoo responds:

I have been working as a keeper aide at this zoo for two years and one of the visitor reviews posted on your site is terribly false!  All of our animals are well-fed and we always provide them with fresh water (I know; I have refilled the cows' water dish five times during one day).  If any animal even show the smallest hint of illness, it is carefully monitored or examined by hospital staff.  Yes, our zoo is very old, but we have renovated it.  The old cement-and-bar cages mentioned in another visitor review have been closed to the public and are only utilized as temporary animal holdings.  The “lion missing” reported in the visitor review was Tsavo who likes to spend time in the dense bamboo of his exhibit, sometimes making him hard to see.  I seriously doubt the lioness was vomiting because of the attentiveness the keepers show to the animals.  The giraffe house smells like giraffe, which some guests find disagreeable in the same way many people think horses smell bad.  OUR CHIMPS NEVER LOOK LISTLESS!  Our primates are constantly entertained!  Our zoo is proud to have no animals that are bored or display pacing.  It is quite clear that this visitor has extremely poor judgement.  Now that our zoo has been improved and renovated, our biggest complaints come from elderly guests that are disappointed that the zoo they have known from childhood looks so different, despite the fact that it is much better for the animals.  Please remove this false visitor review from your website!  The zoo volunteers and staff work TOO HARD to keep our animals and visitors happy to have our zoo bad-mouthed by people who think they are authorities on subjest of which they know nothing.  If you do not believe me when I say our zoo cares extremely well for our animals, or that the staff and volunteers put out great effort to make every guests' visit a great one, please visit our zoo!  You will find happy, healthy animals, guests (esp. children) having a wonderful time, and friendly, intelligent volunteers and staff ready to answer any of your questions. May 2006

From Robert & Michele – May 30 2005

Nice size zoo, not to big, could see in a day. Picnic areas were a mess, no benches at attractions. Animals looked hungry, lioness was vomiting, lion missing. Chimps looked listless and ragged. Giraffe house was so smelly one step in the door was to much, couldn't go in. Most animals were only a pair, or one of. Zoo looked as though it needs funds badly. One gentleman said nothing had really looked changed or upgraded since he was a child 25 years ago. All animals had very dirty water too.
I'm sure this Zoo needs the money, but it really was too depressing to visit.

(From Dave & Brett)

This zoo is an old zoo, and so has a number of outdated cement and steelcages that are a little depressing.  However, the newer exhibits are much better.   Highlights include the fabulous Childrens Zoo (rated #1 in the country) and the bat cave.  There are a number of things my 4-yearold daughter loved including a huge oriole nest you can climb in and a huge turtle shell you can try on for size.  It was defintiely worth the price, and parking is free


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