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Zoo Atlanta

Address 800 Cherokee Avenue, SE Atlanta
How to Find it:
Prices: Adult $17.99, Children (ages 3-11) $13.99
Area: 15 hectares
No of Species No of Animals Star Rating
Mammals 28 107 Conservation
Birds 49 201 Enclosures
Reptiles 127 406 Education
Amphibians 14 37 Recreation
Fish Research
Total 218 751
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This critique last updated:  Jul 2008

Visitor Reviews

Review by Kim Tracy June 2008

We are spending all summer in Atlanta and are looking for many things to do.  We were hesitant about Zoo Atlanta because of the bad/mixed reviews.  I can't believe how wrong all those bad reviews were!!  We LOVED the Zoo Atlanta.  My daughter, of 7, and I both thought it was one of the best zoos we've been to!!  We absolutely loved the three giant pandas.  When we walked up to the exhibit it almost took my breath away.  They are very well cared for and look so cute.  The rest of the zoo was very clean and in a beautiful setting.  It was a very pretty area to walk around.  They had a rock-climbing wall, a merry go round and a very cute train that goes through tunnels.  All the animals had more than ample space to run around.  This is the first time we walked up to see the giraffes and they were all running.  Now, we went first thing in the morning when animals are suppose to be the most active.  Some people try to go to the zoo in the middle of the afternoon when it is so hot.  Well, most animals sleep then.  All the animals were active, not sleeping.  It was a fabulous day at the zoo.  We would love to go again while we are here.  Additionally, I am speaking from experience as we have been to many of the nationally acclaimed zoos in the country.  Many people said that zoo Atlanta was for people from small towns who had never been to a zoo.  We have been to San Diego Zoo, the D.C. zoo, Cleveland zoo, Columbus zoo, Cincinnati zoo, many other zoos and even the  Animal Kingdom at Disney.  The Atlanta zoo is at the top of the list for us. 

Review By Theresa Gregory April 2006

I agree with the price being too high, and the view being very poor.  I would also like to point out that my son had a recent field trip to Zoo Atlanta.  He was expected to photograph then write notes on 15 animals, but the birds were missing most of their signs. The pictures are terrible because they are far away, and all you see is reflective glass and fence!!   This has messed up his project!!!!  He needed the info.  Now we are scrambling to ID his pictures.  Thanks!  I give Zoo Atlanta a D.


Review by James Perdue March 2006

I visited Zoo Atlanta a couple years ago and was truly impressed with the quality of the exhibits and the positive environment for the animals. Animals (esp.

the Gorrilas and Pandas) have a near natural habitat and viewing is similar to that in the wild. Sit and be patient and you'll be rewarded with an awesome experience of staring a low-land gorrila in the eyes.

The educational opportunities abound with well written displays everywhere.


Although the entrance fee is steep, there are discount days and the cost of maintaining the exhibits in a place like Atlanta must be high. The $2 Million/year rental of the panda's from China doesn't help.


Dr. Terry Maple deserves much credit for what he and his staff have done to create this oasis of wildlife in the center of Atlanta, GA.  Well worth a visit and a day's time.


Review by James Storey: July 2005

I truly have to say that I am very disappointed in that Atlanta Zoo. I find that the admission to the Zoo is way over priced ($17.00 For Adults and $12.00 for children between the ages of 3 to 11.) for what the zoo has to offer. In my opinion the zoo is small and has limited animals to see. Also with some of the exhibits that they do have it is truly hard to see some of the animals when there is a hill and you are at the bottum of the exhibit and the animals are on the other side of the exhibit hidden from view. I feel that the Atlanta Zoo is something that everyone should miss because of the poor views at some exhibits and the High Prices to get into the zoo. Truly a Disappointment in my opinion.

Review by J. Wilson: January 2000

Zoo Atlanta has grown enormously in stature over the past decade or so, from a neglected city zoo, to a major national collection under the enlightened direction of Dr Terry Maple. Visitors drawn to see the famous gorilla Willie B, stay to explore the wooded pathways, to admire the spacious orang utan woodland, and to gasp at the amazing reptile collection. A very fine zoo. Well worth a visit.


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