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Aquazoo Löbbecke-Museum

Address MuseumKaiserwerther Straße 380 im Nordpark40200
Telephone (0)211-8996150
How to Find it: To get out to the Aquazoo take any U-train (tram) towards the North and get off at the Nordpark.
Open: Daily 10-18
Prices: Children free, Adults 6,00 ?
Area: 6800 square metres
No of Species No of Animals Star Rating
Mammals Conservation
Birds Enclosures
Reptiles Education
Amphibians Recreation
Fish Research
Total 0 0
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This critique last updated:  Jan 2008

Official Description

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Visitor Reviews

This Review submitted by Niels Johs Legarth Iversen: November 2000
This institution (half museum, half aquarium / terrarium) got is name from the chemist and zoologist Löbbecke (1821-1901), who amassed his very own museum of natural history in the years up to 1886, – and then he just suddenly quit science and stopped collecting! After his death his widow bequeathed the whole lot to the community and a complete public museum based on his collections was established, and even though it lost most of its exhibits in an air raid in 1944, you still find many things here dating back to old Löbbecke. But in the new building from 1987 as much emphasis is placed upon aquariums and terrariums with living animals and plants. There is a very pronounced pedagogical edge to everything shown, – be it ways of locomotion, special habitats or body structures. For instance you will find sea lions and penguins here, but their presence is used to exemplify the use of fore- and hindlimbs in swimming, they are not here just to be pretty to look at. Likewise the coral reef is not there just to amuse people, you are expected to LEARN things here. Sometimes it gets just a little bit too much to learn all that, but if you can abstract from the hordes of school children who run around with their quiz sheets looking for tiger sharks and bottom dwelling worms you will find that it is a nice place to spend an hour or two.By the way, there is something called the Zoo Park in Düsseldorf, but don't expect to find a zoo here, – it closed long ago.

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