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Albuquerque Zoo (Rio Grande Zoo)

Address 903 10 streeth SW Albuquerque
How to Find it:
Open: 9 – 17 Tuesday – Sunday (closed Monday). 9 – 18 Saturdays & Sundays, June through August.
Prices: Adults $4.50 (combined ticket to Zoo/Aquarium/Garden: $8.00) Children and seniors, $2.50 ($ 4.00
No of Species No of Animals Star Rating
Mammals Conservation
Birds Enclosures
Reptiles Education
Amphibians Recreation
Fish Research
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This critique last updated:  Mar 2008

Visitor Reviews


Review submitted by Jill Owens July 2006

I could not get enough of this zoo. I was in ABQ for three months and visited at least 5 times! I was able to speak with some of the staff who were very knowledgeable and friendly. I love the entire Bio park but the zoo was the special place for me. When I move back permanently I will definitely become a Volunteer!

This review submitted by Carrie Stokes July2006

We just moved to New Mexico and visited the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque this past weekend.  We LOVED it!!  We purchased the combo ticket ($12 apiece for adults) to get in to see the zoo, aquarium (we drove to it rather than take the train and it was very easy to find), and botanical gardens.  Regular adult admission for the zoo is only $7, which in our experience is cheap for a zoo, and it’s worth every penny.  The exhibits are well laid out with a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, interesting birds, and endangered species.  We were impressed with the beauty of the landscaping, for visitors to the zoo as well as for the animals that inhabit it.  We especially loved the polar bears, crazy little monkeys playing in their enclosures, and being able to see the seal and sea lion feeding.  We’ve been to zoos in Canada, Costa Rica, Spain, and all up the west coast of the US, and this is one of the top zoos we’ve seen.  The pens were small enough that we were able to see all of the animals except for the Mexican Wolves (rather than just seeing an empty pen because they’re all hiding) yet they were large enough that the animals could escape from viewing at night and not be too cramped.  The enclosures have also been designed so that kids can easily see inside the enclosures without being lifted and in a way that allows viewing from numerous angles (and without bars where possible) to maximize exposures & photo ops.  Kudos to the team who designed the enclosures and those who care for such an amazing array of beautiful animals every day.  Thank you for the wonderful experience!

This review submitted by Linda Honeycutt: June 2005

While visiting family in NM last month from North Carolina, we decided to visit the Albuquerque Zoo.  Our party included 6 adults and a 2 yr old.   We all had a fantastic time and thought it was the best zoo we had been to in a long time.  We also found it to be very child friendly for our 2 yr old.  The best exhibit for me was the polar bears. 
Keep up the good work. 

This review submitted by Lori Lamb: November 2000
The river Rio Grande is part of the Wild West lore, but it also is a very real river, and the Albuquerqueans have had the good sense to place their zoo at it's banks in the southern end of the city. It is just one part of something called the Albuquerque Biological park. The Botanical Garden and the Aquarium are located somewhat further North, but likewise close to the Rio Grande. Albuquerque is otherwise known for just two things, namely the Atomic (bomb) Museum and the yearly balloon festival. I happened unknowingly to enter the town during this festival, and the side effect of this was that the zoo was filled with people stuffing themselves with charred spare ribs and pink candy floss rather than looking at the animals. Apart from that, Rio Grande zoo is a very pretty zoo with almost 1200 animals in naturalistic settings. There is a large open area in the middle, to the East there is a rainforest greenhouse and the so called 'cat walk' is towards the South. This installation is a rocky section where the trail leads you past all the major cat species (including white tigers). To the west you have got the river and there is also a pond with gold fish. Furthermore there are all the ordinary enclosures with hoofed animals (some of which are included in the 'great plaines' area), there is a night house, a seal installation with underwater viewing and a reptile house, plus lots of vegetation. New Mexico generally is a dry place, but you don't feel it in this zoo, maybe because of the nearby river.


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